Can the Trivellini System be Used without a Suction?

The Trivellini System is manufactured to be used with a suction device. However, some doctors started using it without suction and were still able to harvest high-quality grafts. 

This leads us to the question: What is the role of suction in the Trivellini System?

Trivellini System Overview

Trivellini system, and its unique handpiece, are designed to be light, ergonomic, and hollow on the inside. When used in conjunction with the proper Trivellini punch, the system is a device that can provide suction while hair grafts are being excised. 

What does Suction Do?

It is particularly important that suction is used along with the Trivellini follicular extraction device to accomplish our goal for the following reasons: 

  • The suction helps to achieve a better extraction of the follicle by elevating it just a little bit so that the handpiece has a clearer path for easier removal. As the punch cuts through tissue, the suction motion pulls the follicle inside the lumen of the punch. This minimizes the need to advance the punch as much as the traditional devices. 
  • The follicle is not fully straight in the skin before the extraction. The suction and traction it provides on the follicular unit can straighten the follicle and minimize the risk of transection. That is why Trivellini System has lower transection rates and produces grafts of a higher quality. 
  • Suction can also get rid of any oozing blood and clean the surface of the skin for better visibility while extracting grafts. 

We have experimented using Trivellini System with, and without, suction in our product development and research departments. Our experiments have documented a significantly lower rate of transection while the suction is used. 

What Type of Suction Pump is Used?

We do not recommend a specific brand because the functionality of the Trivellini System does not depend on the type of suction pump.  As long as you have a device that can provide a suction rate of 30 liters per minute, you can be assured that it can work optimally with your Trivellini System.  You have the flexibility to use a variety of different suction systems in your office. Some medical offices have central suction systems while others use portable suctions.