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The Hair Transplant Network Visits Dr. Parsa Mohebi, A

leading Los Angeles Hair Transplant Surgeon.

The Hair Transplant Network recently had the opportunity to view Dr. Parsa Mohebi perform a live surgery. According to the Network, performing state of the art hair transplant procedure is what makes Dr. Mohebi an excellent Doctor along with the excellence of his facility, the tools he uses and his own techniques.


What is trivellini technique

Trivellini System uses Trivellini technique for hair transplants. Los Angeles hair transplant surgeon Dr. Parsa Mohebi explains how Trivellini technique can be used with a hair transplant pedal system or Trivellini Smart Reaction System. This technique introduced by Dr. Roberto Trivellini can impact the queality of the harvested grafts drastically.

How does long hair punch work?

Trivellini System long hair punch is for hair transplant on patients with long hair. Dr. Parsa Mohebi, a Los Angeles hair transplant surgeon, shows how Trivellini long hair punch produces desired hair restoration results.

What is long hair mode?

Patients with long hair no longer have to shave their head before a hair transplant thanks to Trivellini System. Dr. Parsa Mohebi, a Los Angeles hair transplant surgeon, tells how Trivellini System for long hair is performed for natural looking hair restoration results.

What mode to use during surgery

Trivellini System lets hair transplant surgeons choose the mode they use depending on the hair loss, of the hair transplant patient. Los Angeles hair transplant surgeon Dr. Parsa Mohebi tells how he determines which trivellini system mode to use on his hair transplant patients.

pedal vs smart react hair transplant technique

Trivellini System has the option of using a pedal or Smart React during a hair transplant.
Dr. Parsa Mohebi, a Los Angeles hair transplant surgeon, discusses how Trivellini provides natural hair transplant results with both methods.

Why use the Trivellini system?

Trivellini system allows surgeons to remove more hair grafts without harming them. Los Angeles hair transplant surgeon Dr. Parsa Mohebi explains why he uses Trivellini and how its multiphasic function lets him use different speeds during the hair restoration process.

Trevilini Questions Dr. Gohar

Hair transplant surgeons enjoy efficiency and the natural results provided by Trivellini system. Dr. Kathy Gohar, a Los Angeles hair transplant surgeon, shares why she likes Trivellini system including how it has revolutionized the field of hair restoration with consistent graft quality.

Trevilini Smart React

Trivellini smart react allows hair transplant surgeons to not be depending on a traditional pedal during a hair transplant. Los Angeles hair transplant surgeon Dr. Parsa Mohebi, takes you into his surgical center to show you how Trivellini smart react gives surgeons better control and higher efficiency during and FUE hair transplant process.

African American FUE with Trivellini System

African American FUE used to be difficult using older FUE hair transplant methods. Join Los Angeles hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Parsa Mohebi, behind the scenes as he uses the Trivellini system to follow hair curvature native to African American hair to produce natural looking results. 

New FUE System

Discover how the Trivellini, a new FUE hair transplant system from Trivellini, improves the accuracy and speed of action when harvesting hair grafts. Los Angeles hair transplant surgeon Dr. Parsa Mohebi shows how its multiphasic extraction system minimizes hair graft damage and improves the outcome of a procedure.

Dr. Mohebi Reviews the Trivellini System

Join Dr. Parsa Moehbi, as he shows one of his favorite settings for the new Trivellini system. Discover how SmartReact works with rotation and oscillation to produce natural looking results with Trivellini.